Limtex Agri Division

About Us

Agri Business – ( International Business )

We have a separate Division of Agri Business , here we deal in almost all kind of Agri Commodities like , Spices , Grains , Cereals , Pulses & Oil Seeds . Where we are doing International trading including both exports and imports . In Limtex we believe in true professionalism , Customers Satisfaction and our Services . Our Priorities are always our valuable Customer , we try to fulfill their all genuine demands . We have strong ethical business practices in our organization which is followed by each & every family member of Limtex Group strictly .

Procurement Strength

Limtex have its own network for the procurement of different Agri Commodities through its own Offices in all over India . We are one of the leading Grain and Agri Commodity Exporter from India based in the Eastern part of country . We also do Bulk Shipments in Vessels of about 5,000 MT to 25,000 MT . We have very good relation with top Industries and Business houses based in Iran , Sri Lanka and Pakistan .

We have Core strength in Procurement of Agri Produces from All over the Country . We directly procure from Sources as in some cases even we buy directly from Farmers too to make our Prices competitive in the market . Our specialty in Rice Procurement that we maintain our quality & Color same always for each individual customer . As we have few tie ups with some specific Mills and we have full control over the Quality Control .

Our Strength

Our Strength is our Human Resource , Our Professionals , Our Experts and Most important our Customers . Without whom Limtex ( Agri Business Division ) can’t be today’s Limtex ( Agri Business Division ) , It is one of the fastest growing Corporate house and that can be done only due to all Family members of Limtex Group including our valuable Customers .

Our Network

Limtex ( Agri Business Division ) have a very huge and Strong Network not only within India but also in Overseas . Wherever we are present we have very strong presence. Currently We have Several offices in New Delhi , Jaipur , Coimbatore , Cochin , Assam , West Bengal and many other surrounding States . Also we have huge network of Warehouses in all over eastern India . Due to our strong network we are able to supply our products in very competitive Prices with best Quality .

Capacity of Doing Shipments

We can do Shipments in Container as well as in Break Bulk . We have full expertise & Infrastructures in doing Break Bulk Shipments of Wheat . Wheat we can take order any Quantity , Break bulk is feasible only if the quantity is more than 3,000 MT . We have done successfully exports from Cochin , Kolkata , Haldia and Mundra Ports already . We have our own presence in all ports of India to supervise our Shipments . We are very Strong in Bulk Shipments as well as Containerized Shipments too . Bulk Shipments always need specialized infrastructures and ability to do Shipments Successfully . We can do Bulk Shipments in case of Rice , Wheat , Soya DOC etc.